Three Days of the Condor is one of my favorite Sydney Pollack films,Robert Redford plays Joe Turner a low level CIA analyst ( Code Name Condor ) who survives the assassination of his entire New York office because he went to lunch. Over the course of  the next three days he uncovers a plot by the head of his division and some powerful friends to seize middle-east oil’s a great film, check it out sometime if you like to think. But your asking, Murph what does this have to do with the Red Sox; Nothing except Chris Sales nickname is the Condor

Going into the weekend series against the defending World Champion Astros the Sox were riding high coming off a great home-stand where they took two of three from the Braves and Swept the Jays .they were 11-5 over their past 16 games and had Chris Sale for the opener in Houston. Good times. when you look at the face of Sales start it was once again good, not great but good, six innings 4 earned runs and 6 K’s, Once again the Red sox bats couldn’t get it done and Sale took the loss. That’s the narrative the Sox don’t score runs for Chris Sales .Losing 4-2. I was thinking the same thing at the time. anther good outing by sale wasted. When a friend on Twitter @FritoDink . No shit Frito Dink. brought to my attention the issues The Condor has with teams over .500, i was intrigued  and being so i checked out my man Frito’s tip.

In his nine years in the Majors Sale is 96-61 with an ERA of 2.98 he has more than sixteen hundred strikeouts in just over fourteen hundred innings This man is an ACE. but is he an Ace of spades or and Ace of hearts. Against sub .500 teams Sale is as dominant as any pitcher in MLB 48-20 with an ERA of 2.69 against teams above .500 he is a mortal # 1 starter. Just seven games over .500 48-41 with an ERA a half a run worse 3.21 . Murph your nit-picking . No, no i’m not i never pic-nits. When you delve a bit deeper into this, his time in Boston has not followed his career numbers. In Nine 2017 starts facing above .500 competition Sale was 2-4 with a 4.64 ERA and this season he is already 2-3 with an ERA of 5.08 and it’s only been June for a weekend . take into account Sales dreadful (for him) career first half to second half numbers 64-25 2.77 before the break compared to 32-36 3.28 after the mid-summer classic, again this is just a half run more over his career but when you are facing every teams ACE you have to step up. And when the leaves begin to change that has not been the case over the years. in September and October the hot air thermals condors soar on are gone his ERA bloats to 3.78.

Alex Cora has seen the first and second half issue, he has tried to address it by ramping Sale up slowly this spring. but has he seen the underling plot. something else needs to be done. More tape needs to be watched, coaching needs to be more effective . the staff needs to find a way for this teams ace to be even more ace like against the better teams in the league. This man can’t do any more, he gives his heart and soul every time he takes the hill, he bleeds for this team like no one i’ve seen since Pedro;.I am not the mailman I didn’t come here to assassinate the Condor ( again watch the movie) i came here to expose the fact the condor is working harder than the other agents  in “The Company”


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