LV51s beat Fresno, ‘Donate Life Night with the 51s’ on deck, April 9th

A few years ago, while in Vegas, I decided it was about time I took in a LV51s baseball game.  I found my way to Cashman Field and saw some familiar faces in the dugout.  I would come to learn more about the team by visiting again and heading to the team’s website It is there that I would come to  know that Las Vegas Triple-A baseball, of the Pacific Coast League, has been around since 1983.  Not sure why it took me so long to get to a game, but once there I was very much at home rooting for the local team and experiencing a passion I’ve come to know ever since I was a child.  That passion is stirred just by being in close proximity of a baseball park, or even taking in a Little League game.

I was reminded of the Las Vegas 51s again last week, not because I happen to be in Vegas but because I was following the tweets for the two teams that were scheduled to play the Sunday Night Baseball game on Twitter.  Wanting to do a preview of the game, I decided to take in the tweets from the @Mets and the @Royals.  The LV51s are the Triple-A Affiliate of the New York Mets and there on the @Mets Timeline was a photo tweeted out which included a space to advertise, not at CitiField but at Cashman Field, the home of the LV51s.  I marveled at the reach Twitter has and how much it adds to sports by allowing fans to interact with athletes, as well as, athletes to interact with fans.  Think about it.  One tweet has the potential to reach the world in a matter of seconds, just by including a creative hashtag and/or intelligent or not so intelligent message.

As I look to share about the ad space for the team with my sports social media clients, or those who might wish to reach sports fans who travel to Las Vegas for a game or happen to be on Twitter, and might stumble upon a tweet by the NY Mets, I am amazed at how far technology has taken us.  Still, though as wonderful as technology is, nothing can compare to the smiles you’ll see when you’re at a game!  Baseball is back, and no matter how you watch it either out at the field, on television or via social media or streams, it’s bound to be as good as its always been!

To learn more about the 51s you can visit the team site at and/or follow them on Twitter @LasVegas51s …. This coming Saturday is ‘Donate Life Night’ with the 51s.  To learn more, head to the site.