SXM Social Media Kit

Sports X Media is managed by Michelle Sports X, founder of SXM Social Media.

Overview: This site is maintained by SXM Social Media.  It’s purpose is to provide informative articles about sports matters that are trending.

Quantitative Analysis:  Network Breakdown Analytics as of December ‘2015 according to, Klear, a social intelligence platform that monitors and reports on social media listening analytics for SXM Social Media include 114.6 tweets per day, 52 of 100 tweets are re-tweeted, 70% of tweets receive replies.

The demographics of those who follow on  Twitter include 62% male, 38% female.  Celebrities and power users make up 40& of the influencers, with casual and novice influencers making up the remaining population.  Thirty-one percent of followers are between the age of 18-24, with 35% percent between the age of 25-43 and 23% between the age of 35-49.  Ninety percent of the following is in the United States, but at least 25 other countries have reported following.  Several cities have been reached including over 16% of activity in Las Vegas.  New York, Chicago, Detroit, Boston and Dallas represent significant percentages of reach, as well.

Audience Interest: The majority of the audience are interested in Sports, Fantasy Sports, Gaming, Marketing, and in particular the National Football League [NFL].

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